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Environmentally friendly recycling of organic waste.

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Слайдер 2000

Built laboratory models for 500 litres per hour

Production capacity - 700 kilowatts. A project of ten cubic meters per hour has been developed. This is about 8 megawatts per hour. We're collecting money to build it.

project 1

Process control unit

Made inRussia
DateJuly 2015
ControlMode switch

Operating mode switch. Located on the control panel. The pressure and temperature in the chamber are taken into account.

project 2

UHF reactor

Heating upSix thousand degrees
DateFeb. 2016
FuelDistilled water

Physical changes in the substance occur at ultra-high frequencies, allowing the use of water as fuel. The cost of 1 kilowatt of energy will be 0.1 cents.

project 3

Principle diagram

Form3d model
DateAug 2016
TestsConsistent with the calculations

Model with mathematical analysis of the efficiency of waste processing in agriculture. From 250 grams of conditional dry matter we get one cubic meter of gas. The best figure in the world!

project 4


Vacuum pumpin Germany
PipelinesExtra strong metal
Pressure300 atmospheres
Temp700 degrees

In the process of decomposition of organic waste we get methane gas and process water. The gas is processed into electricity. The cost of 1 kilowatt of electricity will be 2 cents.

project 5

UHF system operation

Start Decomposition
H2OH + O2
Exitflammable gas
Lifetime10,000 hours.

In the process of decomposition of water supplied to the microwave reactor nozzles there is a physical change of its properties. Water turns into gas.

project 6

Decontamination Unit

Cleaning upSalmonella's
TestedMay - July 2016
IndicatorsHighly effective

In the process of operation of the portable complex for disinfection of agricultural wastes at 200 degrees and 5 atmospheric pressure, good results were obtained.

project 7

The compression system

TasksEnsure pressure
Min250 atmospheres

One of the elements of equipment that will be purchased outside Russia. Along with shredders. Everything else is produced at the plants of Russia.

project 8

UHF reactor nozzles

ActionAutomatic system
The torch6000 degrees
UseTogether with the boilers
In the picture5 litres of water - 11 minutes of operation

Тhe tests showed stable temperatures at the end of the flare. The design lifetime of the nozzles is 10,000 hours of continuous operation. The boiler provides stable steam for turbines up to 5 MWh.

project 9

Preparation of waste for decomposition

Volumes10 cubic meters
It's timeFour hours to prepare
Dimensionsto 0.2 millimeters

liquid manure from pork and cattle, poultry manure, grain and molasses alcohol bard, beer pellets, beet pulp, faecal sludge, fish and slaughterhouse waste (blood, fat, intestines, canyons), grass, sawdust, lignin, pulp and paper, municipal waste (sewage sludge), dairy waste (salty and sweet whey), technical glycerin after production of biodiesel from rape, juice production waste (fruit, berry, vegetable and grape pulp), algae, starch and molasses production waste (mezga and syrup), potato processing waste (purification, skins), rotten agricultural products, coffee pulp.

  • project 1

    Control of processes

    Hand-held and automatic.

  • project 2

    Reactor nozzles

    10,000 hours of work

  • project 3

    3D model

    Estimated at 10 cubic meters per hour

  • project 4


    Made in Russia

  • project 5

    Temperature on the torch

    6000 degrees Celsius

  • project 6

    Portable complex

    Up to five atmospheres. Temp - 200 degrees.

  • project 7

    Compression and control system

    In the photo, the system for disinfection of 5 cubes per hour.

  • project 8

    Solutions for countries

    with expensive electricity and sufficient water resources.

  • project 9

    Special filters

    Ensure reliable operation of the reactor closed type.

Who We Are?

A group of outstanding scientists in the field of energy, ultra-high frequency and supercritical water media. We bring together eleven scientists from the Academy of RAS and the Russian Engineering Academy.

team 1

Kotov Igor


Special Systems Engineer. Web-developer. Economist - specialist in foreign trade.

team 1

Pashkin Sergej

Vice President

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. Professor. Academician of the International Engineering Academy. Chief constructor.

team 1

Svinuchov Igor

Chairman of the Board

Developer of system interchangeable processes.

About Us

We're fighting for a clean world. We demand to cleanse the globe of industrial and agricultural waste. We have developed industrial waste treatment equipment and ask for help from all over the world to put this technology into practice.

The cost of the experimental installation is 5,000,000.00 dollars. Small money that our children existed in a clean world!

40 years of work in the fields of science:

  • UHF technology

  • Fundamental physics

  • Supercritical Technology

  • Resistance of materials

Estimated efficiency

If we have enough waste, our equipment will allow us to produce unlimited amounts of electrical energy. The price per kilowatt will not exceed 1-2 cents. All investors in our project will receive a guaranteed return of at least 100% per year from the moment the equipment is commissioned.

Protected by Russian and International Patents!

Purshase now

The opinion of scientists

This technology makes the world a clean place. Safe and cost effective. No poisonous emissions into the atmosphere. Environmentally sound technology. It is the future. This technology is the result of the work of outstanding experts in the field of supercriticism.

In ten years of operation, the company has managed to create equipment that safely disposes of organic waste. This is the only technology that can make the world a cleaner and better place to live. The future is behind this technology.

client 1 Strebkov D.S. Academician of RAS

Reliable and highly efficient supercritical technology is by far the most advanced technology available today. Recycling of waste according to the technology of Dr. Pashkin S.V. is able to give the world a chance to ensure complete waste disposal.

client 2 Speransky A.A. Vice President of RIA

The ability to recycle waste without polluting the environment is the best way to develop innovative technologies. What makes OJSC "Development of united taek systems" in Moscow on creation of technology of utilization, causes respect.

client 3 Korobeinikov M.A. Corresponding member of RAAS

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

On video - the world's first installation on supercritical technology.

Combinations of equipment are possible. There are no restrictions on the volume of organic waste disposal. UHF pyrolysis system is used for inorganic waste disposal.

Unique video of the first installation at 500 liters per hour. 2015.

Field of application

Cost of equipment and specifications

The set of equipment depends on the requirements of the customer.

WRP (waste recycling plant) is a technology of supercritic in water vapor.

UHF - Ultra-high frequency technology.


  • $ 5 million
  • Name Оrganic
  • Power Up to 5 cc/hour
  • 40,000 tons annual processing
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  • $ 9 million
  • Name Оrganic
  • Power Up to 10 cc/hour
  • 70,000 tons annual processing
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  • $ 20 million
  • Name organic + inorganic
  • Power Up to 10 cc/hour
  • 100,000 tons annual processing
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Technology uniqueness indicators

Сonverts any organic matter into electricity.

No emissions into the atmosphere.

Еase of use .

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You can contact us at any time convenient for you. We are always in touch. You can write in Russian, in English, in Ukrainian, in Arabic, in German, in Hungarian. We will definitely answer.

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